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Learn How to Lose Weight Efficiently 

and Effectively

Are you struggling to lose those extra pounds? 

You're not alone - let our experts guide you in the right direction! Get FREE access to this webinar for professional advice on achieving a successful and lasting weight loss. Don't miss out – sign up now!

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Our Speaker


Certified nutritionist

Yana Etemadi

The Russian native, who graduated with honors from Bauman College as a nutrition consultant, has served as a certified nutritionist for six years.

At her Denver-based private practice, Food as Medicine, Etemadi teaches patients which foods will best optimize the gut microbiome, as well as the importance of toxic-free living. (She even makes home pantry inspections to help keep clients on track with their goals!)

Etemadi primarily works with patients that experience the following: gastrointestinal disorder(s), metabolic diseases, autoimmune diagnoses, mental disorders, and CVD.

You’ll walk away from this webinar understanding:

  • The underlying causes of rapid weight gain (hint: it's more than overeating)

  • How to achieve a healthy weight loss, without compromising your health

  • How to maintain your weight loss so you can always feel and look your best 

  • Simple habits and lifestyle changes to live a balanced life

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