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Amino Acids - Crucial For Good Digestion

man drinking a protein shake
Proteins are chains of building blocks, which when digested properly, are called amino acids. It is widely believed that keeping carbohydrate intake low and increasing protein in a diet can lead to better health and helps maintain weight and increases energy. The dilemma is, it doesn’t matter how much protein is consumed if the body isn’t properly digesting and absorbing it to put it to use.

With so many people suffering from digestive issues globally, it is no surprise that there is a greater need for more amino acids! Let’s take a look at the importance of amino acids for basic survival.

Fight or Flight - What Happens to the Body?

The body and glands put the amino acids in a particular order to make hormones. To understand how some types of hormones work, let’s consider the fight and flight response. If you are taking a walk in the woods and encounter a dangerous animal the fear you experience tells your body that you are in danger. Your survival instinct goes into action to try and keep you alive! A hormone (epinephrine) is quickly released after you see the animal. The hormone is released for the following reasons:

  • It signals to your liver that your body needs the extra sugar stored there to help you fight or to run away.
  • It opens your blood vessels so sugar can get to where it is needed, mainly to your muscles and your brain, to improve your decision making.
  • Epinephrine speeds up your heart rate, making it pump faster to get the sugar and oxygen to your muscles so you can perform at your utmost capacity.
  • The hormone (a neuro-transmitter) sends signals from the brain to the arms and legs and to other organs in the body to help you get out of danger.

What Do Amino Acids Do for the Body?

As depicted in the examples above, amino acids play an important role in survival. They are also necessary to maintaining overall health.

  • Amino acids create a variety of bioactive molecules, which include chemicals that transmit signals from brain to nerves and to muscles and other organs as needed.
  • Amino acids are used to make internal antioxidants.
  • Amino acids provide key factors for metabolism, growth, development, immune response, and health.
  • Amino acids also feed good bacteria in the intestinal tract.

Why Is It Crucial To Digest Protein?

Protein intake is crucial for the creation of amino acids in the body, and its proper digestion is equally necessary. Protein in the diet comes in many forms, including:

  • Meats
  • Beans
  • Eggs
  • Nuts
  • Grains
  • Vegetables

Proteins are important because these building blocks are broken down, digested and then reutilized to make the components we need for life and functioning—such as the amino acids that in turn make hormones.

Amino Acids Are Crucial for Good Digestion

The importance of proper digestion and absorption of protein cannot be overstated. If the body does not digest the protein properly, it is “wasted.” Undigested protein can literally remain in the intestinal tract for long periods of time and support bad bacteria that ferments there. This can create high levels of unhealthy ammonia compounds. It takes a multitude of active enzymes to break down proteins.

During the aging process, the body makes fewer active enzymes, which slows the process of breaking down protein, so enzyme supplementation is recommended. When protein is not digested, it cannot make the amino acids necessary for the creation of hormones and other components of the body.

Solution for Obtaining Amino Acids and Proper Absorption: Take Digestive+++

DIGESTIVE+++ is a superior formula, because it contains all three of the major components that benefit gastrointestinal health—enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics. The Enzyme Blend in the formula works in the small intestine to ensure the proper digestion of food and absorption of nutrients from all three food groups, including protein.

DIGESTIVE+++ contains three types of Protease in addition to Peptidase, enzymes that specifically address the digestion and absorption of proteins.

Why waste perfectly good protein when you can take DIGESTIVE+++ daily and ensure proper digestion and absorption? Put the protein you eat to good use and keep making the amino acids that enable you to fight or flee. Get your DIGESTIVE+++ today!

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