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The Triple Threat Against Weight Gain

The Triple Threat Against Weight Gain

Summer is approaching fast and it’s time to start working towards your weight goal. But weight loss can be a challenging journey, and the extra pounds seem to be a lot harder to lose than they were to gain. However, there are solutions to this problem! A combination of DIGESTIVE+++, LAMININE, and EXTRIM is a three-punch combo that attacks your weight gain from all angles.

Weight Management and Metabolism

Many people are finding it difficult to stay slim around the stomach area, accumulating unhealthy fat. A study reported in Nature Medicine (2006) addressed the observation that certain microflora could actually make us fat. The study showed that “obese” mice and “slim” mice had different populations of gut bacteria. Study results indicated that a certain type of microbe in the gut may have caused their obesity. However, there are ways to improve your gut microbiota.

Scientists stated, “Manipulation of gut microbiota through the administration of prebiotics and probiotics [beneficial microbes] could reduce intestinal low-grade inflammation and improve gut barrier integrity, thus ameliorating metabolic balance and promoting weight loss.”

Gut microbiota affects your overall well-being and can have a positive impact on a series of important health aspects, including:

  • Energy absorption
  • Gut motility
  • Appetite
  • Glucose and lipid metabolism
  • Fat storage in the liver

Therefore, it is important to incorporate prebiotics and probiotics into your everyday diet. Prebiotics can be found in, bananas, oats, wheat, and root vegetables, and probiotics can be found in a lot of fermented foods, for example:

  • Yogurt
  • Kombucha
  • Pickles
  • Sourdough bread

However, it can sometimes be tough to incorporate everything you need in your diet, as your stressful day-to-day life gets in the way of your eating habits. Therefore, supplements can be an easier way to get the essentials your body needs.

Improve Your Gut Flora with DIGESTIVE+++

The DIGESTIVE+++ supplement contains true prebiotics. These are in the form of purified fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and those from Jerusalem artichoke, Dandelion leaves and Yacon Root. Preliminary human and animal studies that manipulated microflora of the gut with prebiotics (fructooligosaccharides) and certain probiotics, tended to increase Bifidobacteria. Some other health benefits that you get from taking DIGESTIVE+++ are:

  • Promoting a healthy balance of microflora and pH for better nutrient absorption, a stronger immune system, fewer respiratory infections, and improved mood.
  • Improving regularity for reducing toxins in blood, supports less indigestion, bloating, cramping, constipation, and diarrhea.
  • Helping digest fats, improves metabolism, and supports the elimination of accumulated waste.*
  • Supporting weight management and helping to reduce fat accumulation.*
  • Contains a full range of digestive enzymes to break down nutrients for complete digestion and assimilation.*

Rejuvenate Your Cells with Extrim Shape

A healthy gut is not the only important aspect of losing weight. The health of your cells also plays a major role when it comes to weight loss. Cell deterioration can also bring other health problems, including:

  • Insomnia
  • Alzheimer
  • Dementia
  • Parkinson
  • Migraine

Unfortunately, our cells deteriorate and become less effective as you age, and this can result in a slower metabolism. Luckily, Extrim Shape is a proven way to help your cells stay healthy.

Extrim Shape uses a proprietary blend of Egg Bioactive Growth Factors and natural ingredients to activate cellular regeneration. These ingredients help regenerate new healthy cells, which will result in a series of weight loss benefits, such as blocking sugars and carbs, burning excess fat, and boosting metabolism and energy levels.

Lengthen Your Telomeres with LAMININE

The unique bio-factors in LifePharm’s LAMININE play an important role in the survival of cells, and here is why: The biofactors in LAMININE help the cells proliferate, optimize cellular functions, and protect the DNA by lengthening telomeres. The ends of chromosomes are called telomeres and they protect the DNA from damage.

Studies show that telomere length is strongly associated with healthy aging, less stress on the body, and better health. When your telomeres are shorter, your stem cells age faster and can no longer divide, which results in your body aging faster. Studies show that taking LAMININE daily can help to increase telomerase enzyme activity, which lengthens telomeres.

Combine LifePharm Supplements for Optimal Effectiveness

By combining DIGESTIVE+++, LAMININE and EXTRIM, you will put your body in the best possible position to succeed in your weight loss journey. A healthy gut from DIGESTIVE+++ coupled with healthy and prosperous cells from LAMININE and EXTRIM will optimize your chances of reaching your goal weight.

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