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Stanford Ethics Director says anti-aging breakthrough could face ban after overturn of federal abortion rights

It’s not the fountain of youth plucked from a science fiction story…

But this anti-aging breakthrough could be the closest thing yet.

Harvard Medical School reports “The findings represent a breakthrough in aging research...” 

And Time Magazine suggests that the process of replacing aging cells could now be as “simple as plucking out gray hairs.”

The bad news?

Anti-aging breakthrough could face ban next?

That’s because when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled to end federal abortion rights under Roe V. Wade, the floodgates opened up.

According to Henry T. Greely, the director of the Stanford Law School Center for Biomedical Ethics, proponents of the ban could be inspired to seek greater restrictions on our rights. Including access to this cutting-edge “youthing” treatment. 

In fact, it’s very much like how the FDA was recently pressured to ban another “youth molecule,” which helped two scientists earn the Nobel Prize for their discoveries: NMN, or Nicotinamide mononucleotide.

NMN was banned for good in October of 2022.

Fortunately, it’s still not too late to exercise your rights and get your hands on this breakthrough natural treatment that works to reverse the symptoms of old age… right down to the cellular level. 

In a moment, I’ll share all the details on that.

First, let me share how it works:

Look and feel younger at any age?

It all starts with stem cells. 

You may have heard a lot about stem cells over the years. 

As you may know, stem cells work to regenerate and repair damaged cells and tissues. So the body can maintain itself and function like it can in younger days. 

When your body has plenty of fresh, healthy adult stem cells, it can do many incredible things for your health. For example… 

  • Stimulates collagen production to boost skin elasticity—promoting firm, glowing and youthful skin
  • Allows your muscles and joints to recover faster
  • Your immunity and digestive health are boosted
  • Enhances your concentration, clarity, and memory
  • Your mood brightens like the sun bursting through on a cloudy day
  • Promotes deep, restful, and restorative sleep
  • Restores, replaces, and regenerates old cells to fuel your body with a long-lasting energy surge, boosting your stamina and performance

You can see how having plenty of fresh, well-functioning stem cells is so crucial…and so life-enhancing. 

Thanks to hard-working adult stem cells, your body can regenerate and repair itself from the inside out. And that helps keep every cell, muscle, organ, and tissue in your body functioning at its peak. Very much like in your younger days!

What you may not know is that your body already makes stem cells throughout your life…

But there’s a problem with adult stem cells!

Harvard Stem Cell Institute on aging and the problem with stem cells


The Harvard Stem Cell Institute explains the connection like this: 

Aging is related to the decline in the body’s ability to regenerate new tissue, causing joints, blood vessels, and other parts of our anatomy to function differently than they do when we are younger.”

That means when the body can’t regenerate like it did in youth, cells and tissues build up damage from stress, free radicals, and environmental factors…

Until we start to experience the effects of aging. 

Skin elasticity plummets until your skin shows the first signs of aging: Wrinkles, crow’s feet around the eyes, and the youthful glow begins to fade. 

You heal slower. Your energy levels plummet. And it’s harder and harder to stay fit. 

You just feel older.

That said, if adult stem cells can repair and rejuvenate the body naturally…

Why aren’t they doing their job?

Unfortunately, the body’s level of stem cells decreases with age. And, the ones we do have grow old and stop functioning like they do in youth.

The good news?

You can boost, restore, and replenish adult stem cells naturally

Here are a few proven ways to go about it:

  • Practice fasting and calorie restriction 
  • Cut out alcohol as it has “significant effects” on stem cells”
  • Exercise, lift weights, and put your body under “mechanical strain”
  • Quit cigarettes because the smoke stops stem cells from forming and moving throughout the body 
  • Remove sugar and carbohydrates from your diet 
  • Avoid pesticide residues that are commonly found on vegetables, fruits, and weed killers (these toxins speed up the rate at which stem cells age)

Those are all effective ways to increase your body’s levels of fresh new stem cells. But in the realities of our day-to-day modern lives? Putting them to work is definitely easier said than done.

Fortunately, science now shows you can…

Quickly and easily rejuvenate your body’s stem cells without living like a monk

The key lies in a protein in your body that’s been shown to promote the self-renewal of stem cells1. It’s called fibroblast growth factor 2 (FGF-2).

And by taking one daily capsule of a formula that boosts FGF-2 levels, you can give your body what it needs to produce a slew of fresh stem cells, so you’re good as new.

The catch?

FGF-2 is a tiny protein molecule that’s very easily digested by the stomach. Any FGF-2 that manages to survive your stomach acid is almost completely lost in the digestive tract. 

There is, however, a breakthrough you need to know about.

Naturally boosts FGF-2

There’s a brand-new, clinically-proven way to boost FGF-2. And it’s one that I’ve been shouting about from the rooftops—and urging friends and family to look into. 

Because there’s no telling when it could be taken from us… and banned for good.

It’s a natural supplement that ensures the FGF-2 protein chains remain intact so it can go to work in your body. That’s because it’s made by the one company with a proprietary cooling process that ensures the nutrients survive digestion. 

So if you want to boost your body’s natural ability to produce youthful, adult stem cells while you still have the chance, and manage how your body ages?


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