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by LifePharm Inc

The Essences of LAMIDERM APEX's Success: Quality Assurance, Seal of Approval, and Patented Technology

The Essences of LAMIDERM APEX's Success: Quality Assurance, Seal of Approval, and Patented Technology

Quality products are based on innovative science that is highly effective—that is the reason why LAMIDERM APEX by LifePharm is an award-winning product. From the unique blend of ingredients to how it is produced, LAMIDERM APEX is the essential skin care product you will ever need.

Discover why LAMIDERM is synonymous with high quality and why you should trust the awards it has been given. The answer may impress you.

Why Use LAMIDERM APEX by LifePharm?

The market is saturated with many beauty products. Certain products may maintain the skin's natural elasticity. Other products banish dark spots and repair UV damage. But LAMIDERM APEX is one product that combines many functions into one serum for your benefit.


LAMIDERM is a revolutionary skin care serum that is clinically tested to revitalize your skin—it's the answer to everyone's wish for youthful, radiant skin. Developed using scientific methods, its rejuvenating properties smooth out the skin, minimizing the signs of aging. Your complexion will be more vibrant as a result.


This serum evens out your skin's surface and reduces discolorations and imperfections. Your skin's texture and tone can return to its original state to enhance your complexion. There is no more need for heavy makeup to clog your pores to cover any blemishes.





LAMIDERM also has vital skin nutrients that hydrate and nourish the skin. The serum has a formula that holds moisture so your skin stays hydrated all day long. You can enjoy soft and supple skin even at the end of the day. People with extremely dehydrated or dry skin will enjoy the therapeutic properties that return the skin's natural moisture.


Another reason why Lamiderm works well is its protective qualities. Environmental stressors like pollution and UV rays damage the skin; they may even age faster. But Lamiderm's advanced formula strengthens the skin's natural defenses as a shield against these extremal factors. In short, LAMIDERM prevents premature aging caused by dirty air and sun rays.

The Secrets of LAMIDERM APEX's Success

Here is the secret of LAMIDERM's success: the fertilized avian egg extract patented worldwide. This ingredient is rare and revolutionary and is the essence of the efficacy of all LifePharm's products.

The technology dates back to 2003. Imagine a hen's egg fertilized to become a new chick. It's treated organically at the highest level to produce the best quality egg. Then, at a particular stage where its nutrient levels are optimal, the white of the egg is extracted.

LifePharm takes this a step further with a proprietary cooling process allowing growth factors such as FGF-2 to be extracted. Combined with a plant protein and a marine protein, this extract positively affects the body in advantageous ways.

Extra healthy boost

That fertilized egg is the miracle worker that will boost all your skin's fibrous proteins: collagen, elastin, and fibronectin. Fertilized eggs are also home to growth factors too. Thanks to the fertilized avian egg, their production can go up to 350% in just 72 hours.  

But, of course, more ingredients in LAMIDERM contribute to healthy, glowing, and youthful-looking skin. Other ingredients found in Lamiderm that also function to enhance the skin's intrinsic qualities are:

  • Brightening ingredients made out of 7 Swiss Alpine plants
  • Coenzyme Q10 with vitamin C and vitamin E
  • Fruit extracts (blueberry, cranberry, strawberry, kiwi, pomegranate)
  • Two types of oil (sunflower seed and coconut)
  • Aloe vera juice

These organic ingredients in Lamiderm make the innovative serum capable of achieving healthier, softer skin overall. The proprietary blend of 7 Swiss Alpine plants is clinically tested to improve skin tone and brighten dark spots. Coenzyme Q10 with vitamin C and vitamin E have antioxidant effects, and are proven to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Fruit extracts include antioxidant properties that increase that can act against pathogenic bacteria, while the coconut and sunflower oils offer moisture and protection for your skin, and aloe vera juice offers healing, and therapeutic effects that nourish your skin. 

Made in America

The fertilization and extraction process is conducted in LifePharm's labs in Southern California, making all their products (LAMIDERM included) genuinely American-made. Their lab is also under Good Manufacturing Practices regulations to ensure quality assurance. 
The lab has the following certifications certainly invokes more trust: 

 Cardbox Packaging Inc. certified by SQF with an Excellent rating - Cardbox  PackagingUL Certified - Brandmark       Certifications – Premark Health Science

  • Safe Quality Food (SQF) Certification
  • UL Certified
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Registered by National Science Foundation (NSF)

Furthermore, there's a Scientific Advisory Board that LifePharm consults at every stage of processing and production. The board also conducts studies to prove the clinical effects of each product line. Their existence signals a commitment to comprehensive, scientifically proven results that LifePharm can guarantee to its clients and customers.

Because of this, LifePharm can produce a serum, Lamiderm, that truly stands out among other beauty products. It culminates with nourishing ingredients, advanced technology, and clean formulation. Whether you want to reduce the signs of aging or improve your skin health, you can trust Lamiderm to do the job.

Dermatest's 5-Star Seal of Approval for LAMIDERM

LifePharm does not take your skin for granted. LAMIDERM APEX has been tested by Dermatest, the independent dermatology institute that routinely tests the quality and safety of skin care products.

Happily, LAMIDERM has obtained the 5-star seal (Dermatest’s highest honor), which means it has undergone a test of long-term use among a minimum of 20 subjects over an extended period (at least 4 weeks), and passed the test. 

Dermatest holds the study to determine the possible skin reactions among the product's intended pool of demographics. They investigate the products thoroughly for skin tolerance and also efficacy. But Dermatest often goes several steps further. They not only test the product's various skin types and a broad consumer base, but they also evaluate in other ways.

Dermatest may distribute questionnaires on the sensory experience, for example. They may also involve other experts, such as pediatricians or gynecologists, to investigate different effects. There's also a final patch test to ascertain whether a person might have developed an allergy.

With all these measurements in place, LAMIDERM's 5-star seal indicates that it is safe to use, with little to no risk on a person's skin. 

Gold Award from Monde Selection for LAMIDERM

An award from Monde Selection—a Quality Institute based in Brussels, Belgium—is a significant honor for any product. This organization is distinguishable from the only Quality Institute that evaluates different consumer products yearly with expert juries that perform their examination carefully and with the highest standards.

In 2020, LAMIDERM was awarded the highest possible award (the Gold Award) from Monde Selection. As LAMIDERM is a cosmetic product, the world's foremost cosmetics experts participated in the evaluation. Not only dermatologists and cosmetic specialists, but the organization also invited pharmacists, chemists, research scientists, and laboratory operators to perform the review.

These experts found LAMIDERM to be safe and effective in several criteria: formulation, ingredients, sensory analysis, efficiency, packaging, and labeling. With a final result of 80 to 90% of the assessment standards by the juries, Lamiderm was certified to be of the highest quality. 

Having the award bestowed by an international quality institute also means that LAMIDERM's reach has gone global. Despite its "Made in America" label, consumers can trust that LAMIDERM can also work for the various skin types of global citizens thanks to Monde Selection's gold label. This distinction makes Lamiderm all the more unique and noteworthy.

An original, patented technology

Perhaps the most crucial element of distinction that LAMIDERM APEX holds is its patent number 10,786,442. With its status as a patented skin cell regeneration serum, LifePharm ensures that it cannot be easily duplicated. In other words, the LAMIDERM APEX Serum can only be made, used, or sold by LifePharm and no one else.

Many other companies may strive to copy the serum's formula and active ingredients, sold using different names. 

But there can only be one LAMIDERM APEX Serum by LifePharm that is true and original, made by using high-quality ingredients, according to industry standards, for the benefit of human skin cells.


LAMIDERM's many-sided approach to address multiple skin concerns make a versatile product. You can find an all-in-one solution to improve your skin's health and appearance. With effectiveness that lies in its ability to harness the powers of different natural ingredients, your skin will gain nourishment, protection, and rejuvenation.

Its patent also guarantees its originality and exclusivity. LAMIDERM raises its safety and efficacy level by being tested by various organizations, earning a 5-star seal of approval from Dermatest and a Gold Award from Monde Selection. You can trust that Lamiderm will work as intended without damaging or sensitizing the skin.

Buy LAMIDERM APEX from LifePharm's online shop or other trusted pharmacies. Let the serum work its magic on your skin today.

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